ok say my fake myth is called Gambana, it explains how the fish got in all the rivers and stuff. And here it is.

There was a women who married Poseidon her name was Oceanica. She was the most beautiful thing poseidon had ever seen. And everybody else thought she was beautiful and loved her too. However she knew she was beautiful too and she loved herself more than she loved anyone alse . She was very cocky, she thought that she was so beautiful Poseidon would never leave her. So with that confidence she decided she could do whatever she wanted. She cheated on Poseidon then and she didn’t care if  he found out about it, and he did. He was willing to forgive her, but when he talked to her about it and told her he would forgive her she told him she knew he would. She told him he was a softy and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. Oceanica told him that he wasn’t fit to be a God she was really the one that should be a God. He didn’t like this so he punished her and turned her into an animal that could only breathe underwater,  so that he controlled her. He turned her into a fish;She was the first ever fish. She hating be ugly and not having everyones attention, but most of all she hated poseidon having control of her. One day when she couldn’t put up with it anymore when Poseidon starting cooking dinner she jumped out of her little fishbowl he had for her and onto his knife. HSe expected to just die but with the powerful magic he had on her she exploded and parts of her landed in every waterway on the Earth. Except the pieces of her grew into othe little fish and everytime a fish died it just made more fish until Poseidon realized what was happening and stopped it. By then there were already millions of fish. So that is how the fish got in the oceans all because of Oceanica’s cockiness.


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Mandela vs King!!!!!!!

 Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were both very persausive men. They helped in the fight against segragation.  They each were black men who helped the struggle in their country. MLK lived in the U.S. and wanted to stop black and white people from being segragated. Nelson Mandela lived in Africa and helped to unite his country and stop how everybody thought the white people were superior even though they were a minority, because they had nicier things. They each made speeches MLK’s was titled “I Have a Dream” it was about what he wants it to be like. He wanted everybody to be equal he wanted his black son to hold hands with a white girl. Nelson Madela’s speech was titled “A  Long Walk to Freedom” it was about how bad things were and the governments didn’t help. Yet he was happy that they had got to where they are.

What is a hero?

I think a hero is someone who helps people without recognition.I believe heroes show mercy, knowledge, kindness, perserverance, humbleness, and bravery. They are Merciful to all they know just the right punishment. They are very Noble, they might not have a regular kind of knowledge but they are wise. They are kind to everybody no matter what the circumstances.. They have endurance, no matter what their pain and suffering they just keep going to help others. They are very humble, they don’t take recognition for their work and efforts. They are brave they face their fears to help others they aren’t afraid. A hero also follows the Code of Chivalry.

Hero Justin Bieber


    Justin Bieber is a hero. He uses all his fame to help people. He created a nail polish line which helps fund for schools to be built.  He is kind and generous. He is humble because he didn’t make a big deal of helping. He is brave because he is 16 and faces all the critics everyday. He perserveres no matter what people say and how many guys hate him he  keeps making music.

Burning up #4

     Alrighty.Well more snooping and they find pictures! O yah. Pictures of their grandparentrs standing their out in the night just watching as the fire engulfs Mr. Sibley’s life away. Macey and Austin will not stand for this. They confront their grandparents but both grandparents say they were just watching. When Macey confronts her mom her mom remembers going and getting marshmellows to roast over the fire. Austin’s dad decides to come to town and ends up taking Austin home so Macey is left alone. She investigates farther and ends up talking to Wade Sibley himself. He says he doesn’t blame anyone that times were different back then. Then he tells Macey that she can help make a change by actually doing somethng helping out with all the less fortunate people which Macey finds rude. She thinks she has helped out more than anyone so her job is done. Well Macey does more digging and she finds out it wasn’t her grandparents or Austin’s. However she can never love her grandparents like she used to and she still misses Austin.

Burning up!!!!! #3

       Ok so Macey goes around and tries to find out more about Mr. Sibley. Well she is digging with Austin (who is like her best friend) and she finds out that lots of people hated Mr. Sibley and that it was arson for sure. The fireman said there was an accelerant poored all over Mr. Sibley’s car. While diggin she and Austin find out there was a banker who would not let Mr. Sibley open an account at the bank because the banker didn’t like black people. Well guess what Austin’s grandfather used to be a banker. She also found out that the people on Shell Road( where Austin and Macey’s grandparents live) were the ones that hated him the most because they thought a black person on the street would lower there standards. O yah well Austin gets tired of all this and he thinks he might be moving back in with his mother and father.Him and Macey both think their grandparents are the ones who did it because neither of them want to talk about it.